"My journey through drug treatment court and long-term treatment gave me coping skills for the rewarding life of recovery that I am blessed to lead today."

After 20 years of active addiction to both alcohol and prescription pain medication; I found myself alone once again in the county prison unable to give my son an answer to the question of “why was I back in jail.” Something inside of me finally muttered through the visitation room phone “because I can’t stop using!” Butler county drug treatment court found me hopeless, helpless, and addicted. My gift of surrender came to me on June 10, 2013.  With the help from Drug Treatment Court guidance, I was able to enter long-term drug and alcohol treatment at Turning Point in Franklin, PA.  I have not found it necessary to take a mind-altering substance since.  My journey through drug treatment court and long-term treatment gave me coping skills for the rewarding life of recovery that I am blessed to lead today.

I completed long-term treatment in September of 2013, moved into an oxford house, and continued to build a firm recovery foundation. I was able to do family decision making groups with my family, to assist rebuilding our relationships. I became employable for the first time ever; leaving my enabled lifestyle behind by becoming self-sufficient. The results from sustaining these accomplishments encouraged my self-worth to grow. Like so many others, I have found the solution to my disease in the rooms of a 12-step fellowship. They have helped me work my steps and apply each one to life situations. I have learned principles to practice, that help keep me accountable, and found a God of my understanding. I graduated Butler County Drug treatment court in July of 2015, with a completely different aspect of life than what I had in the beginning.

In March of 2016, I was able to purchase a home and begin a new life as the mother my son longed for. I continue to make amends to the community by volunteering and being of service to others. June of 2016, I opened a sober living house to give others the foundation for healthy conducive recovery as it was given to me.  In August of 2016, I was given the honor of speaking at an accreditation by the Supreme Court for Butler County Drug Treatment court. It was quite a privilege for someone like myself.  I am active in my community to help others see that there is a solution; we do recover! I currently have two ladies that I sponsor through the 12 steps, and I am grateful to carry the message of courage, strength, and hope in their lives.

In January of 2017, I was asked to serve on an Overdose Coalition Board to help provide non-medical guidance by assisting the community in educating people on available resources. In June of 2016, I began working at a local Drug and Alcohol facility; I consider my position another gift of recovery. This is why I am sharing my story. The life I received is nothing short of a miracle. I now have a relationship with my father; he is my hero. My father celebrated 36 continuous years of recovery in April, and today I am blessed to say that I follow by his example . My daughter who once told me while I was incarcerated that “I would never get to disappoint my grandson as I had her.” As a result of my recovery, she gave me the gift of being present during the birth of my second grandson. My middle child supports my endeavors with an admiring smile that is immeasurable. My life is blessed today, and I have a grateful heart.

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