The Story Powered Initiative is based out of the Greater Philadelphia Office of the Criminal Justice Research Center at Penn State Abington. Our office produces and participates in research to address issues of stigma, in particular issues surrounding stigma toward substance use. We offer the following resources to highlight our high impact research efforts, and we will continue to update these with our expanding work through the efforts of the Substance Use Stigma Reduction Collaborative within Penn State’s Consortium to Combat Substance Abuse.  The Story Powered Initiative is dedicated to research to address stigma in a scientific and evidence based manner. Please look below for some of our featured work. If you have any questions or are interesting in learning more about the research, please contact Dr. Glenn Sterner at [email protected].


COVID-19: Implications and Opportunities for Substance Use Disorder. Maintaining Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention Services
Sterner, G. (2020)

Assessing Stigma Associated with Medication-Assisted Treatment in the Recovery Community
Bergner, E. (2020)

Fighting the stigma of addiction through personal stories of the opioid epidemic
Sterner, G. (2018) In Focus, Blog of the Independence Blue Cross Foundation

Seeing past stigma: 4 ways to confront bias towards opioid addiction
Sterner, G. (2018) Journal of Change, Independence Blue Cross Foundation

National leadership needed to fight the opioid crisis
Fishbein, D. & Sterner, G. (2017) The Hill


Facing the Opioid Crisis Together: Season Recap
Independence Blue Cross Foundation’s Someone You Know Podcast

Episode 40: Reducing Opioid Stigma
Schlow Library Podcast


Reducing Stigma
A mother, a doctor, and a researcher discuss the stigmatization of opioid use disorder.